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3D Designs

The 3D Source team excels at producing high quality 3D assets at high volume within our client’s timeframe. By certifying each artist, organizing them according to specialty and checking each asset for quality, we’re unrivaled in our ability to deliver the right content to meet your needs. Our software platforms for product configurations are scalable and highly customizable to meet your specific needs.

The HM designs uses the most advance PRO/E software that can accurately simulate real-world operating conditions. This will reduce the time and costs traditionally used towards building and testing prototypes. For Prototyping purposes,The HM designsconverts ideas into 3D PRO/E data. Once a product is prototyped and is ready for production various 2D models may be used as well. The HM designsoffers its customers production ready 2D engineering designs for manufacturing and patenting purposes as well.

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