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Nothing kills the thrill of choosing new furniture like the feeling of being confused about what to buy or where to go for great quality stuff.

You want your furniture to be right, right? Wouldn’t it be great if it was better than great? How about furniture that is a perfect fit, timeless, sophisticated, inspiring, comfortable, practical and easy to care for. That sounds more like the kind of new furniture experience you’re after, doesn’t it?

Moving houses, updating or combining furniture styles are usually the times when new furniture purchases turn out to be really confusing. Trying to handle even one room on your own is probably your first mistake. After all, coordinating new furniture is not something you do every day so it’s normal to struggle.

Take heart. Your ideal style is just a few well-planned, savvy purchases away with our furnishing selection service. It conquers the where, when, how and how much of new furniture. The easiest way to fast track past expensive mistakes and keep on budget through our design ‘trade only’ suppliers.

The quality of the furniture we select and supply reflects our experience and knowledge of the market place.

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